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I empower women in tech to defeat imposter syndrome

My Story

I’ve been in Sales for 15 years. If you’re in sales, you know that it’s full of highs and lows. I got hired at Salesforce in 2012 as a BDR - essentially an outbound prospector. I put all my energy into being the very best BDR and it worked, I was the #1 BDR 3 quarters in a row. Then I got promoted to Account Executive, and that hit different. I couldn't figure out how to be a great AE. I was sucking….bad. Like bottom of the dashboard bad. And it was KILLING me inside. I was flooded with self-doubt, and a terrible mindset, which was a recipe for more poor performance. A mentor of mine was tired of seeing me in that state (and frankly tired of me complaining) so he referred me to a friend of his that is a coach. I honestly didn’t even know what a coach was but I was willing to do anything to do better in my job.

Meeting that coach changed my life. I hired her on the spot and we got to work. I started to gain my confidence, trust myself more and show up with a positive mindset that believed that I CAN be a top performer. And sure enough, I ended up hitting 150% of my annual number that year and was the only one on my team to hit quota. I was absolutely sold on coaching and knew it was my calling in life. That year I trained as a Co-Active Coach and began taking on clients on the side while still working and progressing my career at Salesforce.

I spent 8 years total at Salesforce, 4 of which were in leadership. In 2020, I left Salesforce and joined a Toronto scale-up to lead and build their first-ever Revenue Enablement function. I helped increase win rates from 15% to 40%+ in less than a year.

Coaching is what I love and I've been doing it since 2014, helping clients from Salesforce, Vena Solutions, Deliverect, Vendition, Elevon, Calm, Reprise, Klue, Fort Robotics, Rasa, SocialChorus, Unmind, Cinchy, Turtl, Perpetua, Data Camp, TapResearch, Deliverr and more.

I help my clients defeat imposter syndrome by building their confidence, and owning their value so that they can master their job and their life.

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Career Coaching

Either your performance is slipping, or you don't know how to navigate your next role, or you're not receiving the right amount of support from your leader. You want to nail your current role and progress in your career but imposter thoughts are holding you back. You're tired of beating yourself up and want to feel more confident

Leadership Coaching

You're new to leadership or have been leading teams for a while and your company hasn't provided any leadership training. It's making you feel insecure and less confident and not knowing what to prioritize and if you're even doing a good job. You want to be the leader that people would fight to work for again and again but how?


"When you are in leadership it can be hard to ask for help, there are lots of reasons for this. A great leader once told me 'leadership is not a search for perfection'. That one sentence encouraged me to believe in myself and ask for help. With Alli's guidance I have been able to identify key habits I wanted to build, why I have failed up to this point at building them and created a repeatable framework to allow myself to improve faster. Onward!" Sales Leader @ Salesforce

"My initial intentions seeking coaching were to gain further perspective of myself to further my career. Little did I know Alli's coaching would go far beyond that. The lasting takeaway has been guidance on connecting with my 'inner champion', as well as identifying, prioritizing and living true to my values. I can personally say that Alli's coaching was a crucial step towards transformative, meaningful change on my path towards happiness and fulfillment." Sales Engineer Leader @ Salesforce

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